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The Amount of Money Being Spent Is Crazy

John Marzulli has this story for the New York Daily News on the expense of the retrial of Ronell Wilson for the murder of two NYPD detectives.  The title above is a quote from "a source close to the case."

Among the expenses is the tab for this:  "Six shrinks, whose travel and lodgings were paid for by the government, testified for Wilson."


In Ake v. Oklahoma, 470 U.S. 68, 83 (1986), the Supreme Court held, "that, when a defendant demonstrates to the trial judge that his sanity at the time of the offense is to be a significant factor at trial, the State must, at a minimum, assure the defendant access to a competent psychiatrist who will conduct an appropriate examination and assist in evaluation, preparation, and presentation of the defense."  (Emphasis added.)

What part of "a" does the judge in the Wilson case not understand?   A = 1.

(Hat tip, SL&P.)

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