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Stokley Execution

Last week, justice was finally carried out for the murder of Mandy Meyers and Mary Snyder, both 13, 20 years earlier.  I previously discussed the Ninth Circuit's decision in this post, and our News Scan feature reported on the Supreme Court action and the execution.

On Dec. 6, Kim Smith had this story in the Arizona Daily Star, providing more detail on the victims' families and the execution itself.

In states that use the three-drug method, the reason given for the paralytic pancuronium bromide was to prevent convulsive movements that might be disturbing to witnesses even though the inmate is not in any actual pain.  In this case, using the single-drug method:

The pentobarbital rendered Stokley unconscious five minutes after the first dose was administered. The second dose was then given.

At 11:03 a.m. Stokley's body convulsed one time. He was pronounced dead nine minutes later. He never looked at the crowd watching from the other side of the glass.

[Patty] Hancock[, Mandy's mother,] said Stokley should have apologized to the families but wasn't surprised he did not. "What do you expect from a heartless man with no soul?" she asked.
Convulsions happen with the single-drug method, but they are not that big a deal.  The witnesses can be briefed on what to expect and what it actually means.  Preventing convulsions is certainly no reason to litigate the three-drug method for years while justice is further delayed.

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