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Teachers Flock to Gun Training Classes:   Kim Palmer and Jim Forsyth of the Hartford Courant report that over 900 Ohio teachers and school employees are signing up for a new three-day gun training program.  In Texas, 400 spots in a concealed handgun course offered to teachers filled immediately, forcing the school to offer another class.  In Utah, 200 teachers underwent free firearm instruction just days after the mass shooting at Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Critics say arming teachers is a foolhardy idea which will increase danger in classrooms.  Supporters disagree.  "What we know is that these spree killers are looking for the highest death toll possible.  They look for no-gun zones like schools," said the co-founder of Texas' Buckeye Firearms Association.  "It doesn't make sense that we guard our gold with guns and we guard our kids with hope."

The 4th Amendment & Blood Tests:  The Supreme Court will hear argument Wednesday in a case challenging a forced blood test from a DUI suspect who refused to blow into a breathalyzer.  Warren Richey of the Christian Science Monitor reports that state courts are divided on the issue presented in Missouri v. McNeely.  The Supreme Courts of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Oregon have held that an unwarranted blood test is justified by the rapid dissipation of alcohol in a suspected drunk driver.  The highest courts in Iowa, Utah and Missouri have ruled that the Fourth Amendment requires a warrant.  The defendant, McNeely,  who had two prior DUI convictions, was pulled over in 2010 by a Missouri Highway Patrol officer who observed his pickup speeding and weaving.  After failing the field sobriety test, McNeely refused the breathalyzer.  On the way to the station, the officer stopped at a hospital and had an attendant draw blood from the handcuffed suspect.  The blood tested nearly twice the legal limit.  

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