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News Scan

IA Man Kills Two Days After Prison Release: David Pitt of the Associated Press reports Kirk Levin, 21, allegedly stabbed his mother to death kidnapped a woman in Iowa just two days after he was released from prison. On January 3, Levin went to the home of a 21-year-old woman he knew and asked her for a ride to his home. Upon arrival, Levin tied the woman up and put her in the trunk. He then allegedly went into the house and stabbed his mother to death. Levin came back to the car and put the woman in the backseat. While driving, ice caused him to skid into a ditch, where he took off on foot, leaving the woman in the car. A passing driver stopped and called police. Levin had served two years in prison since 2010 for third-degree burglary.

"Dating Game Killer" Sentenced in NY: The Associated Press reports serial sex killer Rodney Alcala was sentenced Monday to an additional 25 years to life in New York. He pleaded guilty to killing two women in Manhattan, both 23, one in 1971 and the other in 1977. Alcala will be returned to California's Death Row. He was convicted in 2010 of killing four women and a 12-year-old girl in the 1970s in Southern California. Continued from this post by Kent Scheidegger.

IN Dismemberment Killer Back in Prison: Laura Lane of the Herald Times reports convicted killer Robert Evan Lee was returned to prison in Indiana to serve the last 16 years of his sentence following a parole violation. On November 18, a woman stopped and asked Lee for directions to a work release center. Lee was walking to the community re-entry center where he lived, located on the same site. Although the conditions of his parole restricted him from riding in a car with a woman,  Lee hopped in directed her to the center.  Lee was on parole after serving 26 years for murder. He was convicted of the 1985 killing and dismemberment of a 31-year-old woman. While several body parts were found scattered on her property, her head and hands were never located. The parole board will reconsider his case in one year.

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