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SCOTUS Conference Tomorrow

The US Supreme Court meets in conference tomorrow to decide, among other things, which cases to take up.  SCOTUSblog's "Petitions to Watch List" is here.  The Cert Pool has the full conference list here.

Cases on the list include Kentucky v. King (hot pursuit) and Bond v. United States (federalism and poisoning) back for a second look.  Rhode Island Governor Lincoln "Stand in the Jailhouse Door" Chafee makes his last-ditch effort to refuse to hand over a prisoner for federal prosecution merely because he disagrees with Congress's decision on the maximum sentence.  (See posts here, here, and here.)  New Mexico v. Herring is a follow-up to Berghuis v. Thompkins on silence and implied invocation of Miranda rights.

Butt v. Utah is an obscenity case, testing the extent to which the high court still chooses cases on the basis of their names.  (Earlier cases in the series include Loving v. Virginia (1967) on interracial marriage, Heart of Atlanta Motel (1964) on desegregating public accommodations, and my favorite, Sheriff Screws v. United States (1945) on police brutality.)

Burt v. Titlow is a Michigan habeas case in which the state seeks further clarification of the confused remedy holding in Lafler v. Cooper, among other issues.  Michigan has had a remarkably high grant rate in recent years.

There is still time to get cases briefed for argument in the current term, so it is likely we will get a short list of cases granted tomorrow and a long list of cases denied Monday.

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