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News Scan

Two CA Police Officers Slain:  NBC's Lisa Fernandez, Kyle Bonagura and Erika Conner report that sex offender Jeremy Peter Goulet, 35, shot two officers to death Tuesday in Santa Cruz. Goulet allegedly broke into a co-worker's home on February 22 and sexually assaulted her. He was then fired from his job Saturday. During an investigation into the incident, Goulet opened fire and killed two officers. He was killed in a second gun battle with police about a half-hour later. Goulet had been convicted of carrying a firearm without a permit and voyeurism in Oregon in 2008. The deaths of Det. Elizabeth Butler, and Det. Sgt. Loran "Butch" Baker were the first line-of-duty fatalities in the Santa Cruz Police Department's history.

OH High School Shooter Pleads Guilty:  CBS News and the Associated Press report that T.J. Lane, 18, pleaded guilty to multiple counts of aggravated murder Tuesday in Ohio. Armed with a pistol and knife, Lane, 17 at the time, fired 10 times at students in a high school cafeteria on February 27, 2012; 3 were killed and 3 more injured. Lane pleaded guilty in in order for prosecutors to seek life in prison rather than the death penalty. He will be sentenced March, 19.

Shooter Still Wanted in MI Torture Case: Serena Maria Daniels of the Detroit News reports that two torture killers were sentenced in Michigan Tuesday after pleading guilty. On April 29, 2012, Jason Miller and Terrance Dwight Griggs took part in the torture, murder, dismemberment, and burning of Michael Bostick and Kyra Jordan. A third victim was critically injured but escaped the burning vehicle before being killed. Griggs and Miller pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and weapons charges in exchange for testimony against Keith Anthony Williams, 22, the alleged mastermind and shooter. The original charges against the duo included first-degree murder. A judge and a prosecutor in Michigan believe Williams is still at large.

Debate Continues Over PA Killer's Mental Capacity:  Rich Cholodofsky of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that mental health experts disagree in the case of Pennsylvania torture killer Ricky Smyrnes. His defense argues that he is not eligible for execution under a 2002 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that exempts defendants defined as mentally retarded from the death penalty. The court's definition for mentally retarded defendants are those with an IQ below 70. Smyrnes has scored above and below 70 on various IQ tests throughout his life.  More on Ricky Smyrnes in this News Scan.

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