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How Not to Word Poll Questions

An outfit called Public Policy Polling has an exemplar of how not to do a poll.  The questions in this North Carolina poll are intentionally loaded to produce an anti-death-penalty result.  Surprise, surprise, surprise, as Carolinian Gomer Pyle used to say, they get the result they wanted.


Question #2 is symbolic of the biased, unprofessional nature of the poll. How can an inmate serving life without parole work and pay restitution to the family of the victim?

Prison wages are not sufficient to fully fund a commissary account let alone pay restitution. We have enough trouble getting meaningful restitution from working offenders who are supervised in the community.

These questions were more "loaded" than a cheeseburger from the Heart Attack Grill.

"These questions were more 'loaded' than a cheeseburger from the Heart Attack Grill."

Unlike the usual "LOL," I really did laugh out loud at that one. Thanks.

They left out a question: "Would you support the death penalty if you knew that its other supporters worshipped Satan?"

poll - respondents not thinking.

Who wants to receive that $13/mo restitution check from the man who raped and murdered their daughter.

No one, of course. It is both cruel and repulsive to even consider it.

In addition, at least 95% of murder victim survivors, in death penalty cases, support the death penalty, just as do 80% of the general public.

US Death Penalty Support at 80%; World Support Remains High
95% of murder victim's families support death penalty


Murder Victims' Families for Death Penalty Repeal: More Hurt For Victims:

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