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News Scan

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CA Officer Involved Shootings Increasing:  Sasha Lekach of the Bay City News reports that officer involved shootings in California may be increasing due to AB109. Last Tuesday, two Santa Cruz police officers were fatally shot, discussed here. Since last Thursday, five fatal shootings of suspects by officers have been reported.

MD Death Penalty Debate Continues: 
Alex Jackson of the Capital Gazette reports that the Maryland Senate gave preliminary approval Tuesday to Senate Bill 276, proposed by Gov. Martin O'Malley. If enacted into law, the bill will make MD the 18th state to abolish capital punishment. More than 10 amendments to the bill were rejected by the Senate including allowances for the death penalty to be used both in cases of kidnappings, and for murders of police officers. Voting is expected to take place on Wednesday. More in this News Scan.

CA Prisoner Released Under Realignment Arrested For Assault:   reports that Robert Pena was arrested by Santa Clarita Police on Thursday. Pena is suspected of assaulting a woman as she exited the garage of her condominium. Pena was released in from prison in November 2012 under AB109. He has served time for robbery, assault, and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. He pleaded not guilty Monday to assault, burglary, and false imprisonment by violence.

DNA Links Transient to Three CA Killings:  Richard Winton of the Los Angeles Times reports that Samuel Little, 72, pleaded not guilty Monday to three California murders from the 1980s. Little was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Kentucky in September on an unrelated warrant. DNA linked him to the fatal strangling and sexual assaults of Carol Alford, 41, Audrey Nelson, 35, and Guadalupe Apadaca, 46 in Los Angeles. The women were murdered after Little moved to California following charges for two murders and two attempted murders in Florida and Mississippi, for which he was never convicted. In California Little served two years in prison for the separate assaults and false imprisonments of two San Diego women. He was on parole when the Los Angeles area murders are believed to have occurred.

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My response to Maryland repeal efforts, which appear to be successful.

To: Maryland Senate

cc: Media throughout Maryland area

From: Dudley Sharp

TRUTH = Anti death penalty failure, Dudley Sharp

Fact checking WOULD be the undoing of all anti death penalty efforts, IF the media participated.

As the media pushes these anti death penalty frauds, as opposed to uncovering them, it's a very tough road for the TRUTH.

The Maryland cost study, as many others, is bogus.


1) Death Penalty Costs: Maryland

Saving Costs with The Death Penalty


There is no credible case, ever, of an innocent executed in Maryland.

Nationally, possibly, 0.4% of those sentenced to death have been actually innocent, all of those have been released upon appeal.

Based upon those two issues, is there a more accurate sanction in the world? Maybe not.

The 130 (now 142) death row "innocents" scam


a) The Death Penalty: Saving More Innocent Lives

b) Innocents More At Risk Without Death Penalty

c) OF COURSE THE DEATH PENALTY DETERS: A review of the debate


Had Gov. O'Malley et al road blocked abortions or welfare, as they have executions, what would the media be doing?

No one has any doubt.

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