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It's the Culture, a Third Angle

As Kent and Bill have pointed out, Juan Williams' suggestion that factors other than racism and access to guns are worth considering when talking about crime and race.  Indeed, and it's with annoyance and amusement that I've listened to the attacks on Dr. Ben Carson who has frankly and strongly talked about the need for more personal responsibility in our culture.  Many people find that kind of talk lacking in modern sophistication because it, after all, has nothing to do with social science, government funding, or externalized blame.   

But I'm reminded of the moral principles instilled in me by the Jesuits during my days at Canisius High School.  Those Three Principals of Living in a Moral Universe:  [1] actions have consequences; [2] choices matter, and [3] privileges entail responsibility have served me well and should be taught to every child.  They are straightforward, very much old-fashion, and utterly lacking in progressive speak. 

They are also the truth. 

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