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News Scan

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San Jose Property Crime Surges:  Robert Salonga and Mark Gomez of the Mercury News reports that San Jose, California experienced nearly a 30 percent increase in property crimes in 2012 from 2011. Last year, the city recorded 28, 463 property crimes, its highest incidence since 1995. This crime increase parallels statewide trends. San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed plans to combat the disturbing statistics by hiring as many as 100 police officers by the end of the year.

MD House Approves Repeal of Death Penalty: 
David Hill of the Washington Times reports that on Friday the Maryland House Judiciary Committee approved a bill to repeal the death penalty 14-8. The bill now goes to the House floor where it could pass this week. Having already passed the Senate, the bill's passage into law is almost certain. Continued from this News Scan.

CA Proposal to Send Parole Violators Back to Prison: 
Paige St. John of the Los Angeles Times reports that state assembly members Susan Eggman (D-Stockton), and Ken Cooley (D-Rancho Cordova) are sponsoring a proposal to give judges the option of sentencing parole violators to state prison. The bill would respond to California's rising crime rates in the wake of AB109. It is hoped the bill will reign in violent parole violators in a state where the prison population has been reduced by about 14,000 inmates.

Oakland Implements New Strategy to Fight Crime:  Norimitsu Onishi of the New York Times reports that the city of Oakland, California will divide its current two police districts into five in an effort to strengthen crime fighting. The smaller districts will each be headed by a captain who will be accountable for reducing crime. The captain will report to the police chief at regularly scheduled meetings. It is hoped that the local captains will be able build a report with community leaders, especially in minority neighborhoods which have traditionally had uneasy relations with the city's police. Redistricting is one of several planned steps aimed at reducing crime in the troubled city. More on Oakland's battle with crime in this News Scan.

FL Bill Would Streamline Death Row Appeal Process:  Melissa E. Holsman of Treasure Coast Palm News reports that Florida state Sen. Joe Negron has introduced "The Timely Justice Act of 2013." The bill's aim is to speed up litigation by removing duplicate and baseless appeals. It would still allow inmates the opportunity to appeal a death sentence. The bill comes after research found post-conviction appeals drain the FL tax system of approximately $1 million for each inmate, keeping murderers on death row for an average of 14 years, before execution.

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The main problem in Florida is a system under which the governor is responsible for signing death warrants. Looking at the list below, you'll see that nearly one hundred condmened murderers have exhausted their appeals (glacial or not). Florida should shift the responsibility of signing death warrants to trial-level judges as Texas and Virginia do.

The following Florida Death Row inmates have been denied through at least the 11th Circuit as of March 12, 2013:

Name - Case Status
Lloyd Chase Allen - cert denied 5/2/11
Pressley Alston - cert denied 12/13/10
Gary Alvord - cert denied 5/18/98
Richard H. Anderson - cert denied 2/20/07
Robin Archer - cert denied 10/5/09
Mark Asay - cert denied 11/2/09
Jeffrey Atwater - cert denied 10/5/09
Chadwick Banks - 11th Circuit denied COA 10/16/12
Curtis Beasley - cert denied 3/28/11
James Belcher - cert denied 10/31/11
Michael Bernard Bell - 11th Circuit denied COA 2/7/12
Omar Blanco - 11th Circuit denied COA 7/31/12
Stephen Booker - 11th Circuit denied COA 6/19/12
Gary Ray Bowles - cert denied 11/29/10
Eric Branch - cert denied 3/5/12
Paul Brown - cert denied 1/24/11
James Card - cert denied 2/21/12
Elmer Carroll - cert denied 11/2/09
Alphonso Cave - cert denied 10/17/11
Juan Chavez - cert denied 1/9/12
Loran Cole - cert denied 1/7/08
Robert Consalvo - cert denied 10/1/12
Allen Ward Cox - cert denied 10/3/11
Frederick Cummings - cert denied 10/4/10
Adam Davis - cert denied 11/28/11
Eddie Davis - cert denied 2/22/10
Donald Dillbeck - cert denied 10/3/11
Noel Doorbal - cert denied 11/16/09
James Duckett - cert denied 10/3/11
Paul Evans - 11th Circuit denied COA 10/23/12
Wydell Evans - 11th Circuit en banc denied COA 1/4/13
John Ferguson - execution scheduled for 10/23/12 (stayed)
Charles Finney - cert denied 6/11/07
Charles Foster - cert denied 2/26/07
Konstantinos Fotopoulos - cert denied 10/6/08
Leonardo Franqui - cert denied 5/12/08
John Freeman - cert denied 1/12/09
Guy Gamble - cert denied 10/30/06
Louis Gaskin - 11th Circuit denied COA 8/3/07
Ricardo Gonzalez - cert denied 10/31/11
Olen Gorby - cert denied 3/9/09
Robert Gordon - 11th Circuit denied COA 3/1/07
Marshall Gore - cert denied 11/28/11
Michael A. Griffin - cert denied 5/21/12
Norman Grim, Jr. - 11th Circuit denied COA 1/22/13
Thomas Gudinas - cert denied 3/5/12
Jerry Haliburton - cert denied 6/7/04
Richard Hamilton - cert denied 10/3/11
Patrick Hannon - cert denied 11/2/09
Harold Harvey - cert denied 11/14/11
Robert Hendrix - cert denied 11/3/08
John Ruthell Henry - 11th Circuit denied COA 7/31/07
Robert Henry - cert denied 4/5/10
Guerry Hertz - cert denied 4/4/11
George Michael Hodges - cert denied 1/7/13
Paul Augustus Howell - execution scheduled for 2/26/13 (stayed)
James Hunter - cert denied 10/3/05
Jeffrey Hutchinson cert denied 10/9/12
Etheria Jackson - cert denied 10/2/06
Bryan Frederick Jennings - cert denied 1/7/13
Jose Jimenez - cert denied 6/22/09
Ronnie Johnson - cert denied 10/6/08
David Wyatt Jones - cert denied 11/1/10
Randall Jones - cert denied 11/14/11
William Kelley - cert denied 10/13/09
Darius Kimbrough - cert denied 11/9/09
Thomas Knight - cert denied 1/25/10
Gregory Kokal - cert denied 5/31/11
Johnny Kormondy - cert denied 12/3/12
Anthony Lamarca - cert denied 11/30/09
Cary Lambrix - cert denied 4/23/07
Gary Lawrence - cert denied 2/20/07
Jonathan Lawrence - 11th Circuit denied COA 10/30/12
Ian Lightbourne - cert denied 5/19/08
Ken E. Lott - 11th Circuit denied COA 1/25/10
Harold Gene Lucas - cert denied 1/7/13
Larry Eugene Mann - execution scheduled for 4/10/13
Scott Mansfield - cert denied 1/7/13
John Marquard - cert denied 6/5/06
Matthew Marshall - cert denied 3/28/11
Meryl McDonald - cert denied 2/27/12
Douglas Meeks - cert denied 2/20/01
Robert Morris - cert denied 10/29/12
Alvin Leroy Morton - 11th Circuit denied COA 6/20/12
Sonny Roy Oats - cert denied 6/14/99
Dominick Occhicone - cert denied 1/8/07
Duane Owen - cert denied 1/19/10
Bruce Pace - cert denied 10/5/09
Alex Pagan - cert denied 1/7/13
Robert Patton - cert denied 6/16/08
Daniel Jon Peterka - cert denied 2/19/13
Lenard Philmore - cert denied 3/22/10
Norberto Pietri - cert denied 2/21/12
Anthony John Ponticelli - 11th Circuit denied COA 8/16/12
Leroy Pooler - 11th Circuit denied COA 12/17/12
Richard Randolph aka Richard Abdul-Saijad Muh - cert denied 11/1/10
Grover Reed - cert denied 10/4/10
John Loveman Reese - cert denied 10/1/12
Richard Rhodes - cert denied 10/1/12
Michael Robinson - cert denied 10/4/10
Glen Rogers - cert denied 1/10/11
Milo Rose - cert denied 10/3/11
Pablo San Martin - cert denied 10/3/11
Paul Scott - cert denied 3/16/95
Richard Earl Shere, Jr. - cert denied 12/10/12
Henry Sireci - cert denied 10/3/11
Sean Hector Smith aka Dolan Darling - cert denied 2/22/11
Dennis Sochor - 11th Circuit denied COA 6/27/12
Dusty Ray Spencer - cert denied 1/24/11
Jason Demetrius Stephens - cert denied 10/15/12
Kenneth E. Stewart - cert denied 10/1/12
Ernest Suggs - cert denied 3/28/11
William Sweet - cert denied 4/30/07
William Lee Thompson - cert denied 3/9/09
George James Trepal - 11th Circuit denied COA 6/19/12
Melvin Trotter - cert denied 12/15/08
William Thaddeus Turner - cert denied 1/7/13
William Van Poyck - cert denied 1/7/08
John Vining - cert denied 5/2/11
Frank Walls - cert denied 4/30/12
Jason Dirk Walton - cert denied 10/1/12
Anthony Neil Washington - cert denied 1/7/13
Curtis Windom - cert denied 5/5/10
Michael Duane Zack III - 11th Circuit denied COA 1/9/13
Edward Zakrzewski - cert denied 6/7/10
William Zeigler - cert denied 10/04/04


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