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A Teaching Moment for the Death Penalty

Yesterday's gruesome bombings in Boston should be used by death penalty supporters as the Newtown shootings have been used by gun control supporters:  As Exhibit A.

It is simply impossible for a normal person to contemplate the bombers' state of mind  -- to contemplate their savagery, their relishing death, their glee at the lifelong mutilation of their victims, and their indifference to whether and how many of the corpses would be children  --  and believe that a prison sentence, no matter what its length, is "justice."

Abolitionists' usual (and by now tiresome) lectures about cost, race, the preferences of Europeans, and all the rest of it, now show up for what they've been all along:  The talking points for a moral holiday.

Every member of the Massachusetts legislature with a conscience should sponsor a bill re-establishing the death penalty.  Let their abolitionist foes wear proudly and prominently the handiwork of those in whose behalf they bellow.  They can start with these (warning, photos are graphic):

No more abstractions, no more reports, no more rigged studies.  Let them wear their clients' handiwork.

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