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A Masterpiece of Bad Timing

Not 24 hours after the country suffered another gruesome terrorist attack, and at a time when authorities are in a desperate search for information, the New York Times reports that the "Constitution Project" has issued a 577-page report trashing the United States for using "torture" against al Qaeda detainees in order to obtain information about the 9-11 attacks and plans for future attacks.
The Times observes that the report takes aim primarily at President Bush and his Administration, although President Obama does not entirely escape blame.

I have not read the report, which was put out just this morning.  But so much for Mr. Obama's notion that we'd all be united as one nation.

United, sure.  United except for the Holier-Than-Thou crowd who think today  --  a day when, literally, the blood is still being cleaned off Boston's streets  --  is a good time to scorch those who did their best (and were successful, I might add) in keeping our homeland safe from exactly the sort of terror attacks from which we are reeling. You really have to marvel at the Constitution Project's timing.

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