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Call It What It Is

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How does President Obama propose to defeat our terrorist enemy if he won't even call it by its name?

According to the Obama's administration superior understanding of Islam, none of this terrorism should be happening. That is why they call these acts "incomprehensible," ["senseless"] and "tragic." They use the language of passivity to divert attention from their refusal to engage known and preventable jihadism.


Its plea for Americans to "understand" Islam is nothing more than a demand that they misunderstand it: close your eyes to its dangers and then accept terrorism from time to time as an acceptable price for maintaining that enlightened posture.


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"Raed Jaser, arrested yesterday and charged with planning to
derail a passenger train in Canada with the help of al-Qaeda,
will defend the charges and is in a “state of shock” over the
allegations, his lawyer said. Jaser, 35, who appeared in a Toronto
court today...Esseghaier, 30, appeared in a Montreal court today.

Canadian police charged Jaser [of Palestinian decent] and
Chiheb Esseghaier with a plan to derail a VIA Rail train in the Toronto area.
Esseghaier is a native of Tunisia, the Globe and Mail reported.

The two men took advice from al-Qaeda members in Iran in what is the first
al-Qaeda linked plot in Canada, police said. The Globe and Mail reported
the targeted route was Toronto to New York.

|| Canada Terror Suspect Jaser in Shock Over Charges: Lawyer ||
by Katia Dmitrieva, Bloomberg, 4.23.13
...........Religion of Peace--equivalent to all other theistic
(evolutionist R. Dawkins)...........


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