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Prof. Boudin, Meet Prof. Falk

You might be surprised to learn that the little boy killed by Jihadist bombers, and the other casualties in that gruesome attack, are mere canaries in the mine of American imperialism.

So says Prof. Emeritus Richard Falk of Princeton, in his commentary on the Boston Marathon atrocity:  "We should be asking ourselves at this moment, "how many canaries will have to die before we awaken from our geopolitical fantasy of global domination?' "  The learned Professor was not, however, entirely critical; he noted that America's reaction has been

...generally benevolent, especially when compared to the holy war fevers espoused by national leaders, the media, and a vengeful public after the 9/11 attacks that also embraced Islamophobic falsehoods. Maybe America has become more poised in relation to such extremist incidents, but maybe not. It is soon to tell, and the somewhat hysterical Boston dragnet for the remaining at large and alive suspect does suggest that the wounds of 9/11 are far from healed.

Yup, that "hysterical dragnet" was soooooooo out of line.  We should have let the bomber brothers shoot a few more cops and plant the rest of their bombs.

There is not a whole lot more I care to say about Princeton's Prof. Falk, except that he rivals Columbia's learned (in murder) Prof. Kathy Boudin.


What did George Orwell say about academics? Something about things being so stupid that only academics could believe them . . . .

"In vain are Schools, Academies, and Universities instituted, if loose Principles
and licentious habits are impressed upon Children in their earliest years...
John Adams Diary, June 2, 1778

This was Yale when Adams wrote as such:
Yale Motto: Urim V Tumin (Light & Truth—Hebrew)

Founding Charter: 1701, “for the liberal and religious education of suitable youth…to propagate in this wilderness, the blessed reformed Protestant Religion...”

Founders: 10 Congregational Ministers

Philosophy: “unabashedly Christian, retaining compulsory daily and Sunday chapel attendance until the mid-1920s [seeing God is the giver of all wisdom].”
The Chosen,…2006

Fact: “Rev. Naphtali Daggett, President of Yale 1766-1777...When the British approached New Haven…Daggett offered stiff and at times almost single-handed resistance to the British invasion, standing alone on a hillside, repeatedly firing
his rifle…Eventually captured, over a period of several hours the British stabbed
and pricked…with their bayonets…Daggett never recovered from those wounds,
which eventually caused his death.”
--Christian Life…Official and Historical Annals, 1864


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