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First the Death Penalty, then LWOP

Since the public overwhelmingly supports the death penalty, the opposition has to rely, and does rely, on deceit about their proposals for alternate punishments.  It takes many forms.  One is the promise of compelling inmate/killers to provide restitution (see Prop 34), which abolitionists know full well will never happen. Another is to pretend to seek merely a "moratorium"  -- only it's a "moratorium" with no ending date.  Probably the most common is the promise of ironclad LWOP.  Only it won't be ironclad, and it won't long be LWOP either. 

 Dudley Sharp, in an emailed message, reminds us of this, noting:

For those of us active in the death penalty debate, we have been saying for some time that the end of the death penalty would usher in the beginning of the end of LWOP. This has been the "canary in the mine shaft" warning for decades.
Our anti death opponents have been saying "nonsense", with as much sincerity as North Korea and Iran in curtailing their nuclear efforts.
We were wrong, in our prediction of timing.  The effort to end LWOP started much sooner than expected and, as predicted, is following the same game plan as the anti death penalty movement did with that sanction.

The exact same arguments are being put forward, with a much quicker acceptance by SCOTUS than one may have predicted, specifically in the LWOP for juveniles decision.
All of this appears to be based upon the European model, whereby the rehabilitation of the criminal, not justice, becomes the primary issue. It is a system almost completely devoid of moral considerations of the harm to the victims, with criminals not just the center of the universe, but the universe, itself.
It is, always, the time to consider justice. 

Dudley links to an article that makes plain beyond sensible argument that those who view criminals  --  and murderers in particular  --  as Victims of the System  are not about to stop with abolishing the death penalty.  Nor, on their view of the world, should they.  Since the United States is a racist, punitive, Puritanical, mean-spirited cauldron of hate for the oppressed, LWOP cannot be allowed.

That's the real story with this crowd.  Best not to be fooled.

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