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Kamala Harris for SCOTUS?

President Obama is taking flak today for calling California Attorney General Kamala Harris "the best looking attorney general."

The President might be criticized for many things, like bankrupting the country, but the yelping that he's "sexist" is nonsense.

Liberals, please, get a life.  Obama hit the nail on the head:  Ms. Harris is, indeed, very attractive.

The problem is not her appearance or remarks about her appearance.  The problem is her public record and legal philosophy, which includes, but is hardly limited to, opposition to the death penalty, a punishment California voters recently reaffirmed.

Ms. Harris, it seems, is being "mentioned" as a possible Supreme Court nominee. But her noteworthy path to prominence eclipses her legal acumen, as Ed Whelan demonstrates.


"There are a number of crimes for which we see a strong, documented
connection between harsh punishments, namely long sentences,
or the publicizing of harsher punishments, and deterrence…
shoplifters…those who seek underage prostitutes…[DWI]…
some violent predators…"

--Kamala Harris, "Smart on Crime" p.95-96 {2009}

Though I have not evaluated her performance record, if she sincerely
believes these her own words, then AG Harris is at least partly
grounded in reality. Howbeit, shouldn't even the
weakest prosecutor attest to the same?


It's true that she's not dreadful on everything, and understands at least partially that punishment deters, but I was hoping for a higher standard for a SCOTUS candidate.

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