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Is There Something Missing on this CV?

Kent followed my post about Columbia Assistant Professor Kathy Boudin with a post quoting the nephew of one of the police officers whose murder Professor Boudin enthusiastically brought about.

It occurred to me just today that academia seems to have shifting standards, and they shift pretty fast. Wasn't it just last week that a Rutgers basketball coach got fired for shoving his players, throwing basketballs at them, and yelling homophobic slurs?  But Ms. Boudin gets hired for a faculty position at a more prestigious school in spite of (or is it because of?) her participation in an armed robbery and ensuing multiple murders, including the murders of two policemen.

On reflection, I found the story so astonishing, even given the degraded standards of academia, that I wondered whether I had been snookered, and whether it was really a plant from the Onion.

So I looked on Columbia University's website.  The following is what I found. 
I'm quoting every word:

Kathy Boudin

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kathy Boudin has been an educator and counselor with experience in program development since 1964, working within communities with limited resources to solve social problems, and supporting individuals to overcome their own odds and develop a sense of strength and direction. Dr. Boudin has focused her work on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and criminal justice issues including women in prison; mother-child relationships and parenting from a distance; adolescent relationships with incarcerated parents; restorative justice, and higher education and basic literacy inside correctional institutions.

Dr. Boudin is employed by the Center for Comprehensive Care, HIV AIDS Center, at St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital where she is developing programs related to health care for people who are HIV Positive and counseling patients individually and in groups. She is currently a consultant to the Osborne Association in the development of a Longtermers Responsibility Project taking place in the New York State Correctional Facilities utilizing a restorative practice approach. Dr. Boudin also has been a consultant for Vermont Corrections, the Women's Prison Association, and Family Justice.  

She has provided training and supervision to social workers as they work with individual people in prison.

She received her Ed.D. from Columbia University, Teachers College.

Is there anything missing here?

Yikes.  If a Columbia student  --  indeed, if any college student  --  handed in a resume with the mind-boggling omission in this one, he'd get an "F" (or would get expelled for dishonesty).

Or maybe not.  Given the "standards" Columbia has for its faculty, God only knows what "standards" it has for its students.

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