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Long Overdue Florida Execution

ElisaNelson.jpegElisa Nelson should be 42 years old now.  Tragically, she died at the age of 10.  Sarina Fazan reported Monday for ABC Action News in Tampa:

After more than 30 years, a Pinellas County family may finally see justice this week.  In 1980, a sexual predator on parole snatched and killed a 10-year-old girl on her way to school.
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Jeff Nelson plans on attending.  He said he will speak on camera after the verdict.  And he made one statement: "Why did it take 32 years to bring a confessed murderer to justice?  Something needs to be fixed."
The US Supreme Court denied three certiorari petitions and stay requests today in cases 12-9643, 12-9671, and 12-9672.  No dissents are noted.

The first petition challenged the Supreme Court of Florida's rejection of Mann's fifth state collateral review petition.  The second petition challenged the Eleventh Circuit's rejection of Mann's method of execution challenge.  The last one challenged the Eleventh Circuit's decision in case 13-11322, which I was not able to find.

Update:  The Tampa Tribune reports:

Larry Eugene Mann has been executed for the 1980 murder of 10-year-old Elisa Nelson of Palm Harbor.
"Thank God it's over," said Katy DeCarolis, Elisa's cousin.


Wooda, Cooda, Shooda/// Just do It.
We are tired of paying for Him.
Do the Deed now .

"Thank God it's over"

My son, who is a bit older than this little Florida angel, was recently bullied and then gang assaulted/assault-3 early in the school day in front of witnesses.

His tooth was broken, eye cut and socket damaged, mouth and face beaten and swollen; yet he never fought back.

The nurse provided nothing more than ice and a wash cloth, prior to the Principal sending him to In School Suspension till the day’s end—not for protection but for punishment—and neither the Police nor the family were notified.

Once home, we gave/got him medical treatment and called the police who cared and have made at least one arrest.

God says to “fear not” but it is difficult not to fear for your children. We thank God that He put people in America with the will to punish violent criminals and to execute the worst of them {Rom 13:4}.


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