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Libertarians Need to Find that Rock Again

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I recently posted that libertarians, after a shrewd recourse to silence in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist murders in Boston, have started blasting the very police methods that made possible the relatively quick capture of the surviving killer.

As if on cue, former Rep. Ron Paul now tells us that the police manhunt "should frighten us as much or more than the attack itself."

That's it, Mr. Paul.  Conducting what I'm perfectly willing to call a dragnet to catch two Jihadists who blew apart an eight year-old boy and two adults, and disfigured many other people  --  and who for all that was known at the time had left similar mutilation bombs elsewhere in the city  --  is as bad or worse than the bombing itself.

What is the matter with this guy?  It is one thing to be troubled, even very troubled, by the increasing surveillance, loss of privacy, wobbly intelligence, and ominous government-everywhere encroachments we see building up around us.  It is another to have no sense about what is needed when confronted with the imminent threat that the night will become even more of a hellish war zone than the day.  If Mr. Paul's careless, victims-go-to-hell rhetoric is any indication, libertarians might think about staying under that rock a bit longer.

1 Comment

In Tebowesque fashion, Ron Paul alternately shines magnificently in some aspects and miscarries woefully in others.


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