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News Scan

Realignment Criminal Arrested After Robbery Spree: Kim Minugh of the Sacramento Bee reports that Emanuel Looney, 28, was arrested Tuesday for multiple robberies in the Sacramento area. At about 1 a.m. on Tuesday, Looney allegedly entered a convenience store and robbed the clerk at gunpoint. Immediately after, he allegedly knocked on the door of a home, still armed, and forced his way inside when the door opened. He demanded money and stole the victim's car. The vehicle was spotted by officers at 1:45 a.m. Looney led officers on a pursuit then fled the car on foot. He was arrested after running into a park which deputies surrounded. In 2008, Looney received a 3-year prison sentence for the felony charges of possession of stolen property, grand theft auto, resisting arrest, and falsely identifying himself to police. He was released on probation (called Post Release Community Supervision) rather than parole because of Realignment. 

CA Convicts Released Early, Unsupervised:  The Associated Press reports that many California counties are sentencing the majority of convicts to straight jail sentences in lieu of a combined custody and supervision program. Due to continued jail overcrowding under Realignment, convicts are being released before their time is served and are exempt from supervision under the terms of their sentences. Law enforcement and probation officers say they have no way of tracking these felons, stressing the growing threat to public safety. According to data covering October 2011 through September 2012, only 31 percent of convicts realigned to county jails have been given split sentences; Over two-thirds have opted for straight time without supervision upon release. Only five percent of inmates in Los Angeles County are serving split sentences. More in this blog entry.

CA GPS Trackers Flawed: 
The Associated Press reports California officials replaced thousands of parolee ankle monitors last year after field tests confirmed flaws. The devices were found to have inaccurate location reporting problems and ineffective tamper alert systems. Some devices could be disabled when covered with foil, or by using illegal GPS jammers. 3M Co., the GPS supplier for about 4,000 parolees, was denied a state contract worth approximately $51 million over a six year period after a second round of tests confirmed the faulty nature of the devices. Although a Sacramento County judge ruled that Denise Milano, head of the state's GPS monitoring program, violated  contract laws by rejecting 3M Co.'s bid, her decision was still upheld based on the flaws discovered. The devices were replaced by another company, Satellite Tracking of People, based out of Houston, Texas. About 7,900 people are currently monitored by the new devices.

Double Cop Shooter Gets 60 Years: 
The Sun-Times reports that Rashaun Carlisle was sentenced Tuesday to 60 years in prison for shooting two Illinois police officers in 2010. Carlisle, a gang member, got into a fight with rival gangsters at around 2:30 a.m.on May 8, 2010 in a liquor store parking lot. Following the altercation, he retrieved a sawed off double-barreled shotgun from his home then returned to the parking lot. The area had been vacated except for police officers and one of the men involved in the fight. Carlisle opened fire on the officers, permanently disfiguring the face of one and killing another with a shot to the chest.

Aryan Brotherhood May Be Responsible for TX Law Enforcement Killings:  Pierre Thomas and Russell Goldman of ABC News report that investigators are examining whether a white supremacist prison gang played a role in the recent Texas slayings of District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife and Assistant DA Mark Hasse. Both men were responsible for indicting members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas and members of Mexican drug cartels. Law enforcement officials have been on the alert for retaliation since December, a month after 34 suspected associates of the prison gang were indicted on federal racketeering, murder and drug conspiracy charges. Ten of those indicted could receive death sentences. Authorities also suspect they may be involved in the March killing of Colorado Prisons Chief Tom Clements. Alleged gang member Evan Ebel had various white supremacist tattoos on his body. Continued from this blog entry.

DNA Helps Close Cold Case From 1996: 
The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Florida convict Rafael Crespo was linked to the 1996 rape and murder of 17-year-old Anjeanette Maldonado Monday in Philadelphia. The match came from a sample that was entered into the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Combined DNA Index System during the cold case investigation.

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