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Good News in Academia Didn't Last for Long

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I recently posted about good news for legal education, to wit, that Columbia, Stanford and NYU have adopted a program under which military veterans can get a law degree without being charged tuition.

It didn't take Columbia long to throw a wet blanket on all that.  As my friend Scott Johnson on Powerline notes:

[T]he New York Post reports that Columbia University has honored Kathy Boudin -- the Weather Underground terrorist who spent 22 years in prison for the armored-car robbery that killed two police officers and a Brink's guard -- with an adjunct professorship at Columbia's School of Social Work. Columbia lists her as an assistant professor. Among her listed areas of expertise is "restorative justice." In 2003 Boudin was paroled for felony murder that resulted in a lot of kids being left without dads. I wonder if she has restored any justice to them.

My credentials as an adjunct professor are no match for Ms. Boudin:  The worst I did was spend a few years as an AUSA and a White House aide for President George H. W. Bush.  Maybe if I blow up a Brinks truck, I can ask the University for a raise. 

Meet Professor Boudin:

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What is arguably more disgusting is the pathetic fawning over Chesa Boudin. This disgusting excuse for a human being called his parents' murder of three men in 1981 non-violent.

In a sane society, Chesa Boudin would be an outcast--not for what his parents did, but for his disgusting views.

But we have a president who shakes hands with those who have publicly wished for US soldiers to be tortured and killed, along with their families. Let that sink in.

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