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Dope, Death and Spin

You have to marvel at how liberals package criminal law issues.  They love dope, so that, according to Time magazine, is the wave of the future.  They detest the death penalty, so that is on the way to history's dustbin. 

Ah, yes, but there's a catch.  

According to Gallup's most recent poll on the subject, support for legalizing pot is at 48%, down very slightly from the previous Gallup poll.  Meanwhile, support for the death penalty is fifteen points higher than for pot, at 63%, up two percentage points from the previous poll. Therefore, shouldn't we see a Time article with the following title:

"How America Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Death Penalty"

Ummm, I guess not.

The media's pro-crime spin is wonderful to behold. When support for a generally conservative cause (the death penalty) is over 60% and stable, or perhaps slightly rising, the headline tends to be, "New Study Raises Serious Questions About Death Penalty" (how many times have you seen that one?).  But when support for a generally liberal cause (pot legalization) is at about 50%, and maybe slightly falling, the headline is, "How America Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Marijuana."

Liberals will likely scramble to claim, however, that among the youngest demographic, support for pot exceeds support for the death penalty.  So there!

Except it's not true. Examine the polls cited. Younger people support pot by 60% in favor and 39% opposed, while they support the death penalty by a greater margin  --  61% in favor and 35% opposed.

So would the liberals like to go over once more what's the much-vaunted "wave of the future?"  Don't hold your breath waiting.

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