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News Scan

FL Girl's Murderer Set for Execution Wednesday:  A habitual child molester who was twice released early from prison faces execution Wednesday for the 1990 rape and strangulation murder of a 10-year-old girl.  Susan Jacobson of the Orlando Sentinel reports that in the fall of 1990 Elmer Carroll had only been out of prison for 6 1/2 months after serving less than half his sentence for molesting a young girl, when he broke into the home of Christine McGowen and killed her while her stepfather slept and her mother was at work.  Carroll had previously served roughly one-third of his sentence for the 1976 sexual assault of another young girl. In 1992, when a judge sentenced him to die for Christine's "savage and barbaric" murder, Carroll vowed to rise from the grave to seek revenge on the prosecutors who convicted him.  Update:  The US Supreme Court denied a stay and denied review of the case Wednesday morning.  No dissents are noted.

More Cops Killed by Cars Than Guns:   While most people believe that the biggest threat to a police officer is a criminal with a gun, according to report by the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, more officers are killed by vehicles than by guns.  News writers Sarah Moore and Tim Monzingo report in the Beaumont Enterprise that between 2003 and 2012 vehicles, including motorcycles were involved in 672 police officer deaths while 564 officers were killed by gunfire.  While many of the deaths occurred when officers were accidentally hit by cars during traffic stops, in some cases criminals used vehicles as weapons against the police.  High speed chases of fleeing criminals and accidents involving drunk drivers were also responsible for a number of officer fatalities. 

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