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Eric Holder Will Discuss DOJ's Policy on Press Subpoenas, But Only If You Don't Get to Find Out About It

It's reported that the embattled Eric Holder, already under scrutiny for seeking wiretaps on a Fox News reporter, clandestinely pulling Associated Press phone records, and repeatedly dissembling in Congressional testimony, is seeking to smooth things over by inviting major press outlets to come in for a little chat about how there's really nothing to worry about.

But there's a catch.  The discussion will be off the record.  In other words, the press will have to agree to stay mum about what some might take to be a topic of legitimate (if not at the moment pressing) public interest, i.e., whether the Attorney General is aware that the First Amendment exists.  Maybe the Fourth Amendment, too.

I am pleased to say that the heretofore fawning media, to its credit if a tad late, seems mostly to understand that this is not the way government power in a (supposedly) transparent democracy is supposed to work, and isn't buying Holder's invitation.  Thus far, the New York Times, the AP, CNN, Fox, the Huffington Post, NBC and CBS have said no thanks.  Politico and ABC have agreed to attend. 

That the Attorney General would expect the press  --  that's the press  --  to come to an insiders-only-but-don't-you-dare-tell meeting about this subject is astounding. The question now is not just about Holder's candor, but about his basic judgment. 

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