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Lincoln Chafee Finds His Home

Gov. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, erstwhile Republican and Independent, has joined the Democratic Party.  I am not a Democrat, but this is sad news.  The Party of FDR and Truman deserves better.

Chafee, you will remember, was the fellow who did his best to save a killer, Jason Pleau, from the clutches of Obama's Justice Department, which intends to seek the death penalty.  Rhode Island does not have capital punishment, and more importantly, Chafee personally opposes it, so he initially refused to hand Pleau over to the feds, citing the Interstate Agreement on Detainers.  The First Circuit didn't buy it, and the Supreme Court did not intervene.  Kent blogged here about Gov. Chafee's efforts, as did I here.

With his disapproval rating at 75%, Chafee probably (and correctly) figures that running as a Democrat in a heavily Democratic state is his one chance to hang on to his job.  It reminds one a bit of Arlen Specter.  With any luck, Chafee will get Specter's result.

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