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Holder Letter on the Rosen Matter

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Todd Ruger has this post at BLT on AG Holder's letter of June 19 to the House Judiciary Committee regarding his May 15 testimony and the James Rosen search warrant.  The letter is on the committee website.

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Holder's letter, designed to demonstrate that his testimony was truthful, carefully avoids quoting a single word of that testimony, and even more carefully avoids so much as mentioning the key part, to wit, his statement that he had no involvement in a "potential prosecution" of the journalist.

As I have noted, it is irrelevant whether, when he sought the search warrant or testified, he subjectively intended to prosecute the journalist. Whether a "potential prosecution" exists depends on the facts known and sought, not on the (changeable) intentions of the seeker.

More broadly, when the question is about a specific item of testimony, and the answer avoids quoting the testimony in question, RIGHT THERE you know to watch your wallet. The most convincing defense of the truthfulness of one's words always begins with reminding people of what those words actually were. Eric Holder surely knows this, which tells you all you need to know about his decision to just skip over what he said.

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