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News Scan

Blinking Testimony Used to Convict Ohio Murderer: An Ohio Man, Ricardo Woods, was convicted and sentenced to 36 years in prison after being identified by a paralyzed man that only had the ability to blink his eyes.  The Associated Press reports that jurors found Woods guilty after watching a 17 minute video in which the victim blinked three times to identify Woods as the man who shot him.  The victim succumbed to his injuries, which elevated the original charge of felonious assault to murder.

Cold Case Slaying Solved 39 Years Later: Ohio police used fingerprint evidence to charge a man, already serving prison time for murder, with a 1974 triple homicide.  The Associated Press reports that James Ferrera was indicted Thursday after evidence from the 1974 case was submitted into the Bureau of Criminal Investigation database and matched Ferrera's fingerprints.  Ferrera is currently serving a life sentence for two unrelated murders.

Former Bush Official Selected as new FBI Director: James Comey, a top Justice Department official during President George Bush's presidency, was selected to be the new director of the FBI.  Adam Aigner-Treworgy of CNN reports that Comey, a former prosecutor, focused on cases involving terrorism, organized crime, and fraud.  Current FBI director, Robert Mueller, will step down from the position in September after serving as director for the past 12 years. 

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