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News Scan

Colorado Prepares for Movie Theater Murder Case: An Arapahoe County judge has made several decisions concerning the upcoming trial for accused movie theater killer James Holmes.  Shawn Nottingham and Greg Botelho of CNN report that during the trial, Holmes will be restrained by a hidden harness anchored to the floor (a request made by his defense attorneys to prevent the jury from seeing him in visible restraints).  The defense also requested that the jury be sequestered and prevented from using their phones and computers during the trial; however, both of those requests were denied.  The judge has said he will send out 5,000 jury summons for the case, making this the largest jury pool in state history.

California Inmate to Face Murder Charges in Nevada: A man serving a 13-year prison sentence in California has been transported to Las Vegas to face murder charges for the 2006 slaying of his estranged girlfriend.  CBS Las Vegas News reports that police have charged Shaun Leflore in the 2006 murder; a case police originally believed to be a suicide.  Leflore was sentenced to 13 years in prison for assaulting and threatening to kill a California woman less than a year after the 2006 murder.

Texas Woman Indicted in Obama Ricin-Letter Case
: A Texas woman was indicted today on charges that she mailed ricin-laced letters to President Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  The Associated Press reports that Shannon Richardson mailed the letters in an attempt to frame her estranged husband. If convicted, Richardson could face up to 10 years in federal prison. 

California Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence: The California Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for a man convicted of raping and murdering his 12-year-old neighbor in 1999.  Kenneth Ofgang of Metropolitan News-Enterprise reports that Daniel Linton challenged his death sentence after making claims that detectives tricked him into giving a confession in exchange for leniency.  The high court ruled against Linton, noting that he had waived his Miranda rights prior to the confession.

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