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A Faint Ray of Hope in the California Legislature

When it comes to crime issues, the California Legislature fails dismally in its function of representing the people of the state.  The Democrats have full control of the Legislature -- based on issues other than crime -- and the Democratic Party is in the full control of the moonbat lefties.  Among the people of the state, the combination of moderate Democrats with sense about crime plus conservatives and sensible independents equals a solid majority.  Even in the Legislature, there are some sensible Democrats.  They are mostly back-benchers, though.  The leadership keeps the Public Safety Committees of both houses stacked with pro-criminal majorities and chairs, so tough crime bills do not make it to the floor.

Tuesday, there was a special election in the 16th Senate District to replace a senator who bailed to take a better job.  The Republican candidate made crime one of the key issues of his campaign.  This flyer, for example, features in large print an endorsement from the county sheriff:  "Andy Vidak will fight to keep violent criminals in prison and not dumped into our communities."  The district has a staggering 19% Democratic registration advantage in its present configuration, yet the Republican candidate appears to have won by about 7%.

Part of the reason for the result, to be sure, is that this is a special election with a low turnout.  Law-and-order messages resonate with people who place a high value on personal responsibility, and such people tend to vote whether an election is exciting or not.  People who care less about responsibility make up a larger share of actual voters in general elections, especially those with a presidential election expected to be close.

Even so, this election should be wake-up call to the California Democratic Party.  If they can't win with a 19% registration advantage, there is some deep dissatisfaction with the way they have been running the state.

And dumping criminals who should be in prison on communities is a big part of it.

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