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Convicted Cop Killer Sentenced to Death for the Second Time: A New York federal jury sentenced Ronell Wilson, a man convicted of murdering two undercover police officers in 2003, to death for the second time after his original sentence was reversed on appeal in 2010.  Joseph Ax and Jessica Dye of WHTC News report that Wilson was sentenced to death for the murders in 2007, but the sentence was thrown out due to prosecutorial errors, although his murder conviction was upheld.  Wilson will be the first federal execution of a defendant from New York since 1954.

South Carolina Couple Charged with Murdering Sex Offender: A South Carolina couple has been charged with murder after police discovered they targeted a sex offender and killed him and his wife at their home.  The Associated Press reports that Jeremy Moody told authorities after he was arrested that they caught him just in time, because he planned on killing other people listed on the sex offender registry list that same day.  Authorities believe that the woman killed wasn't specifically targeted, but she was murdered simply because she was inside the home.

California Jails Overcrowded due to Prison Realignment:  California's prison realignment program aimed at reducing prison overcrowding has overwhelmed county jails and forced the early release of dozens of inmates every day.  Brad Branon of the Sacramento Bee reports that during the first nine months of 2012, county jails released inmates 120,000 times due to capacity limits.  Sheriffs in central valley counties have reported that releasing inmates early has created safety risks in their communities, and that the effects of AB 109 are contributing to the state's escalating crime rate. 

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\\"Wilson will be the first federal execution of a defendant from New York
since 1954."//

But will he be executed this century, and if so, can anyone say when?


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