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News Scan

Jail Violence Increases Under Realignment: Jails in Riverside County are gradually becoming more dangerous as "non-violent" inmates are being released from state prisons and sent to finish out their sentences in county jails.  Richard K. De Atley of the Press-Enterprise reports that Riverside County jails are not only dangerous for staff but for inmates as well, citing a 100% increase in inmate attacks on one another and a 50% increase on inmate attacks against jail staff since 2011. Realignment inmates make up almost 25% of the inmate population in Riverside County jails. 

Parole Revocation Requested Prior to Arkansas Murder
: An Arkansas parolee has been charged in the murder of 18-year-old Forrest Abrams.  The Associated Press reports that a parole officer recommended a parole revocation hearing just 8 days prior to the murder, but the suspect was allowed to remain free in the community.  The parolee, Darrell Dennis, had been arrested 14 times and charged with 10 felonies since being released from prison in 2008.

Connecticut Cannibalism Trial to Begin: A Florida man charged with killing and then eating parts of a homeless Connecticut man is expected to use an insanity defense during his trial.  The Associated Press reports that Tyree Lincoln Smith killed the man and then consumed part of the victim's brain and one of his eyes in a nearby cemetery.  Smith's attorneys plan to file an insanity claim; if convicted, he faces up to 60 years in prison.

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