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Hispanic man Beaten in Alleged Zimmerman Revenge: Police in Baltimore are investigating claims that a Hispanic man was chased and beaten with a handgun by a group of black youths shouting, "This is for Trayvon."  Justin George of the Baltimore Sun reports that one of the youths beat the victim with a handgun while the others stomped and kicked him repeatedly.  Protests over the verdict have been held across the country, including one in Los Angeles last night that ended when 14 people were arrested after their actions became violent and destructive.

Ohio Parole Board Rejects Rare Clemency Plea: An Ohio man sentenced to die for stabbing his neighbor to death was denied clemency despite a rare plea from the prosecution.  The Associated Press reports that the newly elected county prosecutor made a plea for mercy, and had promised voters to reduce the number of death penalty charges when he ran for the position.  The governor has the final say concerning the execution, which is set for August 7. 

Grandfather Killed by Convicted Murderer on Day Release: A grandfather attempting to come the rescue of his neighbor during an attempted robbery was killed by a convicted murderer out on day release from a prison in England.  Victoria Ward and Tom Whitehead of The Telegraph UK report that the alleged killer, Ian McLoughlin, has served 22 years of his 25 year sentence and had been placed on a day release program prior to his parole date.  McLoughlin was released after his first murder in 1990, only to be convicted of murdering another man 18 months after being paroled. 

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| Men Beat Jogger in Retaliation of Zimmerman Verdict |
Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A man jogging alongside a Mississippi highway was abducted and beaten by three African-American men allegedly in retaliation of the George Zimmerman verdict, police told Fox News.

Senatobia Police Chief Steve Holt told Fox News the victim, who is white, was jogging Sunday night along Highway 51 when the suspects pulled over and ordered him to get inside their car.

“He said, ‘Do you know who Trayvon is?’ I said, ‘No,’ thinking of somebody local. He said, ‘Trayvon Martin.’ I said ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘I’m going to beat you … For Trayvon.’ ”

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