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Liberals Discover Victims

There is a whole bunch to say about the Zimmerman-Martin case, but one of the most notable, if least commented upon, is the new appreciation liberals seem (suddenly) to have developed for homicide victims.

Up to now, it has been hard to squeeze in a word edgewise about victims; liberals seem to just walk past them as inconvenient artifacts in murder cases.  The corpse gets hidden in the legal fog, while months or years of tax-payer financed investigation goes into plumbing every last detail about the psyche, childhood, schooling, brain lesions, Twinkie consumption, etc., etc., of the killer.

Not now.  Trayvon Martin has become all but a folk hero, while no one seems even a little interested in George Zimmerman's travails in elementary school.  My goodness!

This is not to disrespect Martin.  It is, to the contrary, to hope that liberals will remember, in the thousands of more conventional and no less tragic homicide cases to come, that a real, live human being has been wiped out, and that he deserves a place in our thoughts and in our law no less than the guy who did it.

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