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News Scan

Texas Executes Convicted Murderer: John Quintanilla, a Texas man convicted of murdering a retired sheriff's deputy in 2002, was put to death by lethal injection last night in a Huntsville prison.  Reuters reports that Quintanilla was sentenced to death in 2004 after instructing his attorney not to present mitigating evidence during the punishment phase of his trial.  He became the 9th inmate executed in Texas so far this year, another inmate is scheduled to be executed on Thursday. 

Boston Bomber Defense Requests Death Penalty Specialist: Lawyers for  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man accused of being responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing, has made their second attempt to add a death penalty expert to their defense team.  The Associated Press reports that a motion to add death penalty expert David Bruck to their team back in April was denied, but that was when Tsarnaev only faced two charges that carried the death penalty, today he faces 17 potential death penalty charges.  Prosecutors have not said whether or not they are going to seek the death penalty in the case

Oregon Parole Board Denies Killer's Release: Convicted murderer Kevin Roper will stay in prison for at least another 2 ½ years after the state parole board denied his release based on the threat level that he poses to society.  Simina Mistreanu of The Oregonian reports that Roper was one of 30 killers affected by a 2011 Oregon Supreme Court ruling that the Parole Board waited too long to consider parole for some murderers.  Roper pleaded guilty in 1987 to aggravated murder in exchange for a life sentence.   

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