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A Cellmate for Private Manning

Since it seems to be unclear whether Bradley/Chelsea Manning is a boy or a girl, there's going to be a problem at the Bureau of Prisons about who should be his/her cellmate, or even whether he/she goes to a men's or a women's prison.

The one thing that's sure to happen is that BOP will get sued.  If they put him/her in a men's prison, Private Manning will sue.  If they put him/her in a women's prison, the women will sue.

I'd think offhand that the women would have the better case, since, by the typical anatomical standards, the preponderance of evidence is that he/her is a he not a her. Still, on the theory that it's better to avoid inviting any more of the zillions of inmate suits than we have now, let me float a solution:

Build Private Manning his/her own cell, removed from the prison proper, and insert the roommate pictured after the break, a recent international celebrity of sorts who also appears to be of indeterminate gender.  This has the added benefit of being the roommate Private Manning has earned.  (Caution: the picture is pretty gross).
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I regret very much that I can never recover the 40 seconds I spent reading this drivel.

I regret very much that I can never recover the 45 seconds I spent thinking about whether I should allow your "comment" to appear.

Letting a thousand flowers bloom won me over on the 45th second.

Manning is a narcissist beyond belief. Does he ever think of anyone or anything beyond himself and his supposed angst? He's also a member of the armed forces who committed espionage and several other felonies while on duty. In my book, that makes him a traitor.

If you want to sympathize with that and with him, go ahead. That is your right. But if you attempt to put up another comment that is 100% rudeness, that is not your right, and you're going to get blocked.

On re-reading this post, I want to clarify that I am NOT ridiculing Manning for his gender confusion disorder (if in fact he has one). People have no control over their sexual orientation, including, I am convinced, the sort of orientation of which Manning complains. Neither Manning nor anyone else with that condition chooses it.

What I am ridiculing is how Manning has exploited the condition in ways that are sleazy, self-serving and dishonest:

1. He used it as a quasi-defense at trial, even though there is no known connection between gender confusion and a desire to betray one's country. It was, for Manning, merely the latest variant on the criminal-as-victim theme we see so often.

2. He used it in a similar manner in sentencing, to try to portray himself as less than fully responsible for his treacherous decisions, and thus deserving of leniency. But it was baloney then, too.

3. He used it after sentencing, as the opening gun on his campaign to turn the tables on justice. That is, under his theory, his sentence is not to be payment of his debt to society, but a means to force society (the taxpayers, specifically) to pay a "debt" to him -- forking over the considerable money that will be required for the treatments he says he needs.

Until the day after sentencing, however, he saw no such "need." It arose only after it occurred to him that he has a chance to stick the rest of us with the expenses he chose not to assume himself.

On that record -- a record of exploitation, victimhood, and deceit -- he deserves ridicule. And that, not his condition (which must be a burden to anyone who has it), is the target of this post.

I as usual have a few comments...

1. I do not understand the picture and therefore didn't get Bill's joke.

2. I do not see how being transgendered matters except he probably got beat up a lot in his unit (based on my 4 years in the Army, though things have moderated a lot since the late 90s on those issues) - whether that is cause for mitigation, I express no opinion.

3. I think his punishment was fair given the circumstances. I have not seen anything to suggest his leaks compromised any sort of national security, and there is no evidence he was actively doing so on behalf of an enemy power i.e, spy.

4. One reason I love this site is you guys let almost all comments in including my often vaguely off-topic musings - So keep on letting in the contra comments, no matter how silly they add to the dialogue.

1. The picture is about the ugliest thing I ever laid eyes on (it's some creature that washed up on a beach in Spain), and also of unknown gender, and therefore suitable on all fronts as a cellmate for the wonderful Pvt. Manning. But I can certainly see how you thought the joke was lame.

2. As I said in the comment just before yours, I don't hold against Manning the fact (assuming it is a fact) that he's transgendered. What I hold against him is that he committed an extremely serious crime, indirectly but intentionally providing intelligence to al Qaeda (on the reports I have seen), thus adding to the likelihood this his fellow servicemen will come to harm or death.

There's also the fact that he's a narcissistic jerk. Is there some reason the public should be interested in what he does sexually, unless it has at least some exculpatory value, which it does not? Just once, I wish criminals would quit going on and on about how hard life has been on them. Do they really not know that EVERYONE'S life at some point has tragedy, pain and grief?

3. It's not up to Pvt. Manning to take this sort of risk with national security or with other people's lives while he sits comfortably stateside.

4. Marilouauer's comment was basically just sticking her tongue out, but, as you note, Kent's preference (and mine) is to let people just say what they think within very broad limits.

Your comments virtually always have something to say, so far as I have seen, and I hope to see many more.

Science should prevail.

Bradley Manning is a male. His DNA confirms it.

Gender confusion disorder is a mental illness and should be treated as such, just like BOP treats any mental disorder the random inmate may have.

"So keep on letting in the contra comments...."

Not to worry. Dissenting opinions are always welcome here.

Checking back, I see it has been two years since I posted our comments policy. The only change since then is that I have relented and "trusted" some commenters who sign in via authenticators that do not automatically provide a recognizable user name. I do request, though, that these commenters adopt a handle and "sign" their comments in the text.

FWIW, I thought the joke was pretty lame, also.

Guilty as charged to the indictment for lameness. I just got so sick of Manning's self-obsession, nonchalant excuses and relentless "I'm-a-victim" mantra that I let it get the best of me.

I think he will be at an Army stockade at Fort Leavenworth, not a BOP facility. I don't think the PC Army will let him in a women's facility until he has had the full monty, including castration.

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