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Filner Update

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Julie Watson reports for AP:

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Mayor Bob Filner agreed Friday to resign on Aug. 30, bowing to enormous pressure after lurid sexual harassment allegations brought by at least 17 women eroded his support after just nine months on the job.

Filner was regretful and defiant during a City Council meeting as he explained the "the toughest decision of my life." He apologized to his accusers but insisted he was innocent of sexual harassment and said he was the victim of a "lynch mob."

False accusations are made sometimes.  That is why we have the presumption of innocence.  So if it's an accusation by one person or two, we should definitely reserve judgment until a full case can be presented.  When seventeen women come forward, though, the protest of innocence is pretty incredible.  That would take one helluva conspiracy.

Filner apologized to the city but demanded the city pay his legal bills in return for his resignation.  How about that, an apologetic blackmailer.

And finally we get to the part I have wanted to know all along, and why it is on-topic for this blog:

Filner's troubles may also not be over. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department has interviewed the mayor's former communications director and opened a hotline to field any complaints about Filner. Investigators will deliver their findings to California attorney general's office to consider any possible criminal prosecution.

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I also have to say that his use of the term "lynch mob" is both inapt and offensive. As you note, the chances that 17 women (and counting) would concoct a conspiracy of this magnitude are vanishingly small to the point of nonexistence. And for this jackass to compare what he's going through (a situation of his own making) to blacks being hung from trees by angry mobs is so offensive that it boggles the mind.

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