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"Allahu Akbar"

So shouted Maj. Nidal Hasan as he mowed down 13 of his fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas, a little less than four years ago.  In Arabic, it means, "God is great." But he's not a terrorist  --  the Obama administration continues to classify this Jihadist massacre as "workplace violence."

Today, the guilt phase of his court martial ended with his being found guilty on all charges. It took longer for this to happen than for the United States to declare war on and defeat Imperial Japan in WWII.  By far the most litigated question in the case had nothing to do with the crime.  It was whether Maj. Hasan could have a beard on his face.  And no, that is not a joke.  (Well, actually, it is a joke, just not the usual kind).

In one of the few remaining signs of sanity in the military justice system, the prosecution is asking for the death penalty.  I believe the penalty phase starts on Monday.

The story surrounding today's verdict is here.

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