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News Scan

Brown Considers Private Prisons to Alleviate Overcrowding: In order to avoid releasing thousands of prisoners back into California communities, Governor Brown is considering a plan that would involve working with a private prison corporation in order to expand the California prison system and reduce overcrowding.  Saki Knafo of the Huffington Post reports that the new plan would have the country's largest private prison corporation, Corrections Corporation of America, leasing one or more of its prisons to California and have the facility be staffed and run by the state's prison guards and other public employees.  Transferring California inmates to these new facilities would allow Governor Brown to be in compliance with a federal order handed down earlier this year demanding the release of thousands of inmates due to overcrowding.    

Teenagers Beat WWII Vet to Death: One juvenile has been arrested while police continue to search for another teen suspect in the beating death of a WWII veteran earlier this week in Spokane, Washington.   Ed Payne of CNN reports that 88-year-old Delbert Belton was beaten and left for dead by two teenagers in what police believe to have been a random attack.  The male suspect in custody has been charged with first-degree murder and robbery.

"Why the Manning Verdict Was a Mistake": UC Berkeley law professor John Yoo provided insight on a video interview seen here about the recent sentencing of Bradley Manning, convicted of leaking thousands of classified files to foreign countries.  Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison, a punishment Yoo believes was not harsh enough to fit the serious nature of the crime he committed.  Rather, Yoo believes Manning should have been convicted of aiding the enemy, a charge that is death penalty eligible, in order to send a message to other people and hopefully deter future harmful acts against our national security.

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