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Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You...

...unless, that is, you're a member of the armed services, have been convicted of the largest dump of classified material in the nation's history, have (luckily for you) been given a lenient 35-year sentence, and then announce that your "gender confusion problems," which you've known about for years, need to be resolved by............ready now............dunning the taxpayers for exotic and really expensive "medical" treatments while you're in the slammer.

All hail Mr./Ms. Bradley/Chelsea Manning, a new-and-improved model for the previously exhausted narrative of defendant-as-victim.

We used to think that a convicted criminal owed a debt to society. Well you can forget that! Society, you see, owes the debt to him.  Get your mind right, people!  And the debt, in particular, is to shell out God knows how much so he can be a woman!!!

The guy/girl gets convicted of espionage, is lucky not to have been convicted of aiding the enemy, tells us he's not really responsible because he had, ya know, sex problems (without any very detailed explanation of why sex problems would make a person want to become the intelligence arm for al Qaeda), and now wants to transmogrify taxpayers into his field hands, to labor on the plantation of his misfit psyche.

The whole thing is parody.  Or more worrisome, as Kent noted recently, maybe it isn't.

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