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Did She Really Say That?

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Not being without a certain element of vanity, and also wanting to improve my performance for future events, I went back to the tape of the MSNBC "Hardball" show on which I appeared last week to discuss Eric Holder's decision to effectively deep-six mandatory minimum sentencing.

The opposing view was explained by Ms. Laura Murphy, an experienced and thoroughly professional representative of the ACLU.

People can make up their own minds about who "won" the overall exchange, but what I want to point to now is something Ms. Murphy said near the end of the segment.  She starts her last word at about 7:20 on the tape, and at 7:27 she says this: "Most of the people who go to prison do so because they have inadequate counsel."

When the ACLU represents itself on a widely watched national TV show through a person who tells us that most prisoners are incarcerated because of inadequate counsel, you have just heard all you need to know about the mind-boggling need on the Left to deny the importance, if not the existence, of evidence.

It's not so much that the statement is laughably false; it's that it's so wonderfully revealing about the magical powers defense lawyers seem to think they have:  Get the right lawyer, and the evidence goes pooooooooooooooooof.

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Just honouring her mullah:
"...I really do not in the least believe in crime. I do not believe that people are in jail because they deserve to be. They are in jail simply because they cannot
avoid it on account of circumstances which are entirely beyond their control
and for which they are in no way responsible .. And you cannot have a
smart lawyer unless you have money." --Clarence Darrow, 1902, Chicago Jail

Always remember, Prof. Otis:
Simplistic, black-&-white (un)thinking conservatives can't help but generalise
with knee-jerk, preconceived biases. It's the homophobia or perhaps
patriarchal misogyny that diminishes their reasoning.


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