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Moonbeam v. Moonbats on California Prisons

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Yesterday, I noted that Gov. Brown's involvement of Republicans, a victims' advocate, and law enforcement at his press conference on prison policy was in sharp contrast to the way he handled Realignment.  Two years ago, he rammed that ill-convinced fiasco through the Legislature like Vlad the Impaler, with no trace of bipartisanship and no chance for public evaluation and input.

Why the dramatic change?  This time there is a schism on the left side of the aisle, and he actually needs the support of persons of sense.
As noted yesterday, the Speaker of the Assembly and the Republican leaders of both houses attended the press conference and spoke in support.  Where was the leader of the Senate Democrats?  In a caucus meeting, was the answer.  Smelled like he did not concur.

Sure enough, Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg is opposed to Brown's plan.

There is a big, wide, political aisle between the parties, but there are also divisions within each side.  Some folks on the other side have beliefs and positions I disagree with, sometimes strongly, but they still seem rational overall.  Then there are the people I call the moonbat left.  Listening to them, I wonder if they are living in some kind of alternate reality, not just wrong but crazy.

Steinberg's plan, if you can call it that, is here.  He wants to put all of our public safety eggs in the rehabilitation basket.  Not to worry, folks.  The experts have the human mind all figured out.  They know how to fix criminals and make them gentle as lambs.

Sounds wonderful, in a Disney movie fantasy sort of way.  The problem, of course, is that it won't work.  Rehabilitation programs produce modest reductions of recidivism at best.  Even those modest returns diminish as you work your way up the criminal ladder to the harder-core criminals.  As noted in the previous post, that is who is left in California prisons.

This isn't error.  This is insanity.

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I'll defer to the author on an assessment of whether these Dems are certifiable. However, one can easily come to the conclusion that this is simply arrogance masquerading as enlightenment. These Dems are all to willing to risk the lives of others so they can feel good about themselves. They are like the Flagellants from the Middle Ages--only instead of whipping themselves for their sins, they whip society for its supposed sins.

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