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News Scan

Judge Stands by 30-Day Sentence for Convicted Rapist: A Montana judge is standing by his decision to sentence a former teacher convicted of raping a 14-year-old student to only 30 days behind bars.  The Associated Press reports that Stacey Rambold was sentenced to 15 years, but will only spend 30 days in jail after the judge suspended the rest of the sentence.  During the sentencing hearing the judge mentioned that the victim, who committed suicide before the trial began, was "older than her chronological age" and was in control of the situation she engaged in with Rambold.  

Couple Charged with Kidnapping and Torture: A Seattle couple has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and assault after allegedly torturing the man's 13-year-old brother for the past three months.  Melissa Gray of CNN reports that the boy, who is from Atlanta but was staying with his brother for the summer, escaped after chewing duct tape off of his hands and running away from the home.  The boy was tortured on several occasions, and was frequently locked in a basement for days at a time without access to food or water. 

Man Arrested After Shooting Marijuana-Arrow into Jail: A Washington state man has been arrested after shooting an arrow with a bag of marijuana attached to it over a fence and into the county jail's recreation area.  The Associated Press reports that David Jordan told deputies he had been aiming at a squirrel, but had no explanation as to why the arrow he was using had a bag of marijuana attached to it.

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