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News Scan

Florida Executes Convicted Mass Murderer: A Florida man convicted of murdering eight people and sentenced to death in 1978 was executed last night despite last-minute pleas from his attorneys claiming that he was insane.  David Adams of Reuters reports that John Ferguson shot six people during a drug-related home robbery in July 1977, and then killed two teenagers six months later.  The U.S. Supreme Court denied a stay of execution for Ferguson after a panel of psychologists determined he was mentally competent.

What's Really Behind the CA Prison Hunger Strike: The inmates leading the California prison hunger strike will have you believe that their living conditions and "solitary confinement" is a violation of their rights, but prison officials are telling a much different story.  In an LA Times OpEd, Jeffrey Beard, head of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, reports that the prison gang leaders running the strike are doing so in an attempt to be put back into the general prison population to further their violent gang agenda.  Inmates living in segregated housing units have daily access to television and radio, weekly access to law libraries, and are allowed visitors every weekend.

Amber Alert Issued for Two California Children: An Amber Alert has been issued for two California children taken by a man who police believe murdered their mother.  Fox News reports that authorities were alerted to a house fire and found the bodies of the children's mother and another child in a detached garage on the man's property.  The suspect, James DiMaggio, was in a "close platonic relationship" with the children's mother and may be traveling to Canada or Texas.

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