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Why Can't I Get a TV Outside My Office?

I think the reason I can't get a TV is that I haven't killed anyone.

The NBC News affiliate in Seattle reports that accused mass murderer Michele Anderson  has requested a TV (and radio) outside her cell, I guess so she can keep up with the latest, even while not saying a whole lot about having offed six members of her family, including two children.

She is being held in solitary, probably (although I don't know this) for her own protection.  Her psychiatrist has testified that solitary confinement could well damage her precarious health  --  this notwithstanding that he hasn't seen her for a few years. His testimony looks to me as if it could have been copied out of a Psych 101 book.

Yes, solitary confinement is bad news for the inmate, and yes, a boring life gets better with a TV to watch, but (as Sixties liberals might say) can you imagine a world in which people took responsibility for their actions, and even feel remorse, rather than complaining that taxpayers don't fork over enough?

[Editor's update:  The story linked above has been updated and now indicates the judge denied the request. -- KS]


Another good one that I have connection to - my mom is a paralegal at King County prosecutors office ; I'll ask her what deal with this is.

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