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The Therapy Dodge Fails

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is despicable for the way he treated women under his supervision, but also for his invocation of that sickening therapy dodge we see so often these days.  A person caught in egregious misconduct says, "I'm sick.  I need therapy."  No, Mayor Filner, your actions were not those of a sick person in need of therapy.  They were the actions of an arrogant jerk abusing a position of authority.

With Filner's political position eroding faster than a beach in Superstorm Sandy, he has thrown in the towel.  NBC 7 in San Diego has this story.  It's good that Filner is gone, and it's good that his therapy dodge failed so miserably.

BTW, the law firm representing Filner is named Payne & Fears.

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