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News Scan

Released Parolee Accused of Murder: A 35-year-old Michigan man has been arrested on parole violations after being accused in the murder of a 23-year-old woman. Kyle Feldscher of mlive.com reports that Stanley Harrison had been released from prison three days prior to the murder after serving between three and 30 years for an unarmed robbery conviction.  Harrison has not yet been arraigned on the murder, but is the only suspect in the case. 

Convicted Cop Killer Sentenced in Unrelated Murder: A New Jersey man already serving a life sentence for murdering a police officer has been given another life sentence in an unrelated murder he committed in 2010.  The Associated Press reports that 21-year-old Jahmell Crockham pleaded guilty to murder charges stemming from a 2010 unsolved homicide, resulting in an additional life sentence without the possibility of parole.  Crockham was previously convicted of murder in 2012 after he walked up to an officer's police cruiser and shot him three times at point blank range.

Death Row Inmate Receives 4th Execution Date: A Florida man sentenced to death for a murder he committed in 1988 has been given his fourth, and hopefully final, scheduled execution date.  The Associated Press reports that Marshall Gore, who has already been scheduled to die three times this year, has avoided execution by making claims that he is both delusional and too insane to execute. Gore's final appeal for a stay of execution was denied last Friday, he is scheduled to die by lethal injection tomorrow evening.  See also this post on today's Supreme Court conference.

Police to Use Computer Algorithms to Predict Crime:  The Metropolitan Police in England are looking into a new technology which aims to help them stay one step ahead of criminal offenders by using computer algorithms to generate crime maps indicating where offenders are likely to strike next.  Francesca Infante of the Daily Mail reports on this futuristic idea, noting that the policing depicted in the movie Minority Report has resulted in a significantly increased success rate by the department.  While the tactic is not an ultimate solution to apprehending criminals and deterring crime, it serves to better appropriate resources in areas that need them most.

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