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Criminal Defense, the Bracket Game

No, I did not say, "Criminal Defense, the Racket Game."  That wouldn't be very nice.

Nor, to be honest, would it be fair.  The old fashioned criminal defense ("I didn't do it") has all but disappeared.  It's been displaced by, "OK, well, maybe I did do it, but you should let me off because I have ___ mental problem."  

You can put pretty much anything you want in the blank, because you can always hire a shrink to come up with something or other out of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. And if nothing there fits, just invent something. This will, in addition to enhancing the shrink's fee from the defense lawyer, get him invited to some academic symposium, where, despite the odds that otherwise would be imposed by common sense, he can get taken seriously. 

No, the Bracket Game is literally a bracket game.  In this game,competing "disabilities," real and fabricated, compete with one another to see which can glean you the Most Intimidating Claim to Moral Superiority, and thus the right to bully anyone who thinks the defendant might actually have some responsibility for what he does.  It's even more fun than the "I have ___ mental problem game."
Ready to play?


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