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The Real Heroes Are Dead

Twelve years ago our country suffered the largest mass murder in its history.  In any sane discussion, that would have put an end to the view that there is never a case that warrants the death penalty.  Of course that hasn't happened because, among other things, a sane discussion is not all that often to be had with those who believe that America (or "Amerika") brought it upon itself, that cold-eyed killers are really victims, and all the rest of the swill that passes in academia, among numerous other places, as high-mindedness.

It's easy to despair of the degraded culture that is the Petri dish for this kind of thinking. And there's no use in denying that the culture we have now has slid a long, long way down the hill.  Cynicism, deceit and racial huckstering from the Attorney General himself are only a microscopic part of it, as bad as they are. 

But there is still room for hope.  The culture still produces heroes.  Not phony "heroes" of the kind we hear about all the time.  Real heroes.

Scott Johnson at Powerline tells the story of one of them today, the anniversary of his death. 

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