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Why Abolition Will Never Succeed

Let's be honest.  Those seeking to abolish the death penalty have had their share of success in recent years, as executions have gradually declined since the turn of the century  --  this despite the fact that, as Gallup has found, public support for the death penalty remains strong and stable at 2-1 in favor.  And despite the fact that California, a very blue state, voted by no small margin to keep capital punishment when it rejected Prop 34 just ten months ago.  This was despite an abolitionist campaign that outspent retentionists by 20-1.

But with the long-term trend of declining executions, is there any good reason to think retentionists will wind up winning in the end?

Yes.  For one thing, after the Boston Marathon mass murder this past spring, public support for executing the killer registered at 70-27 in favor.  This is but one illustration of the thing abolitionists can't make disappear, despite their eager attempts to do so.

The thing is reality.  Another episode of it has emerged in the mall massacre in Nairobi, Kenya. The behavior of the terrorists is more mind-bendingly gruesome than I care to describe; it's set forth here, however.  If you have a strong stomach, you should read it.

Kenya has capital punishment and continues to sentence killers to death, although no one has actually been executed there since 1987.  My guess is that this de facto moratorium is about to end. Reality does have a way of intruding.

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