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Eric Holder's 2014 Racial Politics

Voting fraud is a crime, yet the nation's chief law enforcement officer continues to attack states for taking modest, innocuous steps to prevent it.  The WSJ has this editorial with the above headline.
For Eric Holder, American racial history is frozen in the 1960s. The Supreme Court ruled in June that a section of the 1965 Voting Rights Act is no longer justified due to racial progress, but the U.S. Attorney General has launched a campaign to undo the decision state-by-state. His latest target is North Carolina, which he seems to think is run from the grave by the early version of George Wallace.

The real current Governor, Republican Pat McCrory, signed a law in August that requires voters to present government-issued photo ID at the polling station, including a state driver's license or military ID. Voters who show up without one can still cast a provisional ballot pending their return with a photo ID. The law also shortens early voting to 10 days from 17 and ends a program that preregistered high school students before they were eligible to vote.

According to Mr. Holder, this amounts to a shocking return to the Jim Crow era. He describes these modest measures to secure the integrity of the ballot as "aggressive steps to curtail the voting rights of African Americans." And he is suing the state to bring it back under the federal supervision of the Voting Rights Act for all of its future voting-law changes.
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All the evidence suggests that Mr. Holder's real motive here is political. Portraying voter ID laws as racist helped to drive Democratic voter turnout among minorities in 2012, and the White House wants a repeat in 2014. Never mind if the suits eventually fail in court. The goal is to elect more Democrats in the meantime, even if it means needlessly increasing racial polarization.
I'll repeat here a personal note on the notion that ID requirements discriminate against poor people.  Nonsense.  My wife works in a government clinic.  Nearly all the patients are low-income and qualify for Medicaid (or "Medi-Cal" as it is called here, just to be different).  They have to show an ID when they first register for treatment.  Nobody has a problem with that.  They all have IDs.  It is a complete non-issue.  Yet when a state wants to have people show ID to vote, we hear this thunderous chorus screaming about what a huge difficulty it is for poor people to get IDs.  Baloney.

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